Nadeen Dakkak

Dr Nadeen Dakkak completed her PhD in English and Comparative Literary Studies at the University of Warwick. She was an Early Career Fellow at Warwick’s Institute of Advanced Study in 2020-2021 and IASH-Alwaleed Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Edinburgh in 2021-2022 before joining Exeter. Her research is interested in how migration in the Gulf States is tackled in works of literature, in Arabic, English, or in translation. Nadeen is broadly interested in Arab literature and culture and in the study of migration in global contexts. She found in this network an exciting space for learning about other people’s research and their engagement with postcolonial and decolonial approaches, but also for exploring new ideas by reading texts from outside her field. For her, it was important that this network was shaped by early career scholars from different backgrounds because it enabled them to share and reflect on personal research experiences, many of which signalled the need for rethinking and challenging spaces and practices of knowledge production. Currently reading: Lucy Mayblin and Joe Turner, Migration Studies and Colonialism. Polity Press, 2020

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