READING DECOLONIALITY is an open source publication & reading group investigating decolonial texts across disciplines.

We have an open membership. Members collectively develop quarterly programmes of speakers who write for our publication. We are global and inter-institutional, beginning as a working group at the University of Warwick and now expanding throughout the world.

Member locations, UK

Including: Dr Giulia Champion and Dr Berenike Jung, University of Southampton; Dr Nadeen Dakkak, University of Exeter; Dr Claire French, University of Birmingham

Member locations, Canada

Including: Dr Sakiru Adebayo, University of British Columbia; Dr Rina Garcia Chua, Simon Fraser University

Member locations, South Africa

Including: Asanda Ngoasheng

Member locations, Singapore

Including: Dr Ann Ang, Nanyang Technological University

Member locations, U.S.

Including: Dr Nasty Bahrawi, University of Washington

Member locations, Netherlands

Including: Maria Jose Recalde-Vela, Tilburg Law School

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Wor(l)ds of rebellion: Rosemary rememberings, grief pedagogies and honouring the elders

A few weeks have passed since our encounter in Reading Decoloniality, – so tender, new/old/ancient threads, faces familiar from faraway territories in my memory, faces new yet recognisable. I turn to my…

Decolonisation as practice: Reflecting on personal and institutional journeys towards change

I am a South African academic and diversity expert whose transdisciplinary work has shown the power of decoloniality as practice. In my journey leading institutional journeys of change in academia via curriculum…

Afroscenology for British actors? Making performance pregnant with culture

If we are ‘pregnant with culture’, one of the powerful metaphors of Samuel Ravengai’s Afroscenology, then how can we select from and navigate between the inhibiting and transformational aspects of culture when…