Frequently Asked Questions

This page will be populated in time, based on key questions received and our collective responses to them.

Why do you publish the minutes to reading groups rather than recording them?

Freedom of speech is differently conceptualised and governed throughout the world. In writing and publishing minutes from our reading groups, we emphasise flexibility and anonymity that recordings do not easily allow. Additionally, our minutes see the speaker able to select from them and publish those that most speak to the key questions at hand to harness horizontality across the editorial process.

How do you select speakers for the programme?

Our members share a document, making suggestions for speakers and reaching out to them in our own time, based on other commitments. There is no gatekeeper that controls programming ideas and instead members find a date and reach out to whomever they choose.

Do I need to be an academic to be a member?

No. We are an open membership. Start a conversation wit the current Editor Claire French ( to learn more and join.

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