Isabel Margarita Nuñez Salazar

Dr Isabel Nuñez Salazar is a passionate sociologist and historian researching in the fields of families, relationships, intimacies and communities, looking at the intersections on class, gender, sexuality and ethnicity in the Global South. Furthermore, her research is on the divisions of labour, the relationship between labour and work and the role of unpaid and paid work in society, primarily in Latin American contexts. Isabel’s research is interested in a decolonial lens and in critical approaches to humanities and social science. Reading Decoloniality provides a reflective intellectual space to engage with colleagues from diverse disciplines and approaches to decoloniality. She is a feminist educator dedicated to developing interdisciplinary knowledge for the next generation of professionals. Her teaching practices advocate an inclusive and ‘brave’ classroom, collaborating with schoolteachers to support their curriculum in social science internationally. Currently reading: Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui, Paulo Freire, Stuart Hall, Audre Lorde and bell hooks

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