Asanda Ngoasheng

Asanda Ngoasheng is a global gender and race scholar activist based in South Africa. She is a speaker and thought leader on politics, education and diversity and has been featured in national and international media platforms and has also written opinion pieces, journal articles and book chapters on these topics. She is currently a Research Associate at the Centre for Rights and Anti-Colonial Justice at the University of Sussex. Ngoasheng’s career started out with a decade in the newsroom as a journalist and news producer for TV and radio. She then became a media academic lecturing at University of Witwatersrand and Cape Peninsula University Journalism programmes. She has been a consultant with a focus on media and communications for the past 15 years and leadership, diversity, equity and inclusion for the past 8 years. In the DEI space she has focused her work on race, gender and class inequality. She works with schools, universities and corporations to re-thread social relations and help individuals understand the impact of institutional racism, sexism and other prejudice on their daily lives. She holds a Masters in International Relations from the University of Witwatersrand, a Bachelor of Arts Honours (International Relations) and a Bachelor of Arts (Journalism and Politics) from Rhodes University.

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