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Why Decolonial Studies differs from Postcolonial Studies: Ramón Grosfoguel on Modernity, Capitalism, and Race

Within this reading group led by Ramón Grosfoguel, he will articulate a decolonial approach to…
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Bates’ ‘Nothing rhymes with Ngapartji’

Today we launch the next contribution to our series of feature length films, documentaries and…
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Rehoming the home

Where is home? Is it the motherland, the left-behind world of birthplace and ancestry, or…
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Critiques of decoloniality

Our objective for this session is to delve into critiques of decoloniality. For Tuck and…
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Dreaming of Words by Nandan

Nandan’s ‘Dreaming of Words’

This is the first in our series of feature length films, documentaries and performances practising…
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Sanjay Sharma’s ‘Multicultural encounters’

The third chapter of Sanjay Sharma’s Multicultural Encounters (2006), ‘Teaching Difference: Representations and Rhizomes’, proposes…
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